Facility Details
We offer you ideal designed conditions to excellence your business success.

    Main lobby is decorated with white grey granite expression of immaculate noble status. The stone tiles of walls are carved by patterns generated from Huns period.


    GEZE  TSA 365 model from Germany is fully automatic swing door, installed as two main  entrances in ICC tower. With history of 5 generations GEZE is a world known company with its innovative systems for doors. Everyday 5 million people pass through GEZE TS5000 system doors feeling peace.

    Features of TSA 365:

    1. Adjusting revolving frequency and speed to flow of people
    2. Special button to change revolving speed for children, elderly and disabled people
    3. Light sensor to detect movement from 600 mm distance
    4. Ribbon sensor senses 0.5 kg pressure and stops preceding shoving
    5. Locking during night time when door is not used

    Comfort: Finland’s KONE brand EcoDisc 4 elevators, one glass and others are passenger elevators. Interior is decorated with stone and wooden panels and equipped with LCD screens. Glass elevator will service commercial floors through 1-6; the other three elevators service other floors.

    Speed: Each elevators have capacity of 1 ton loads (13 persons) speeding up to 3 m/s.

    Reliability: KONE elevators are known for its reliable operation including the following functions. 

    • Equipped with all types of emergency protectors
    • Door panels are equipped with fire protection detectors to ensure passengers’ safety.
    • Compact power feed system interchange air flow continually.
    • Carrying capacity is 2.5 seconds per ton,
    • Equipped with fully automatic system that detects errors shown on-screen
    • Eco-friendly operations bring energy efficiency that use 70% less electricity than others.



    Wall, ceiling, and floors are made of special materials developed by technical innovations ecologically friendly non harmful to health.

    Ceiling: absorbency of sound up to 80%, fire proof, possibility of installing light by preference.

    Access Floor: With high carrying capacity and steel supports, the access floor panels give you possibility to adjust leveling and no limit to engineering internal network organization. It gives you a final nice look with no visible defects.

    Floor system is special for following features.

    • All types of resistance including fire and water
    • special water and moisture coat
    • Loading capacity of 0.3 tons per square meter
    • Ecological friendly technology
    • Possibility of adding electricity and cable conduit in any part of office.


    Lobby: Bright open space and coffee shop

    2F and 3F: Office spaces

    4F: Luxury International Chain Restaurant

    5F to 20F: Office spaces

    21F: Technical Management

    Basement 2 floors: In-door Parking




    Ulaanbaatar city soil has tendency of sogginess to its location along rivers and wells. ICC Tower was the pioneer in Mongolia to introduce and use technology protecting building foundation from soil water practiced in cities situated along oceans.

    Special purposes adhesive APF -898 with width 2.5-5mm imported from Shanghai is well attached to concrete batch, solving problem of insulation of foundation from soil water.



    The main structural materials of the building is reinforced concrete joined and filled with metal and glass facade and stone tiles.  As for the pavements used in the construction there is the monolith pavement system and the carcass pavement. When paved together they bring out an 8.5 magnitude earthquake resistance.