World Brands are Brought to You
    Automated systems or Building Monitoring System /BMS/ The automatic controlling integrated system is in place. It helps to watch the building in terms of safety and security. BMS Energy monitoring system, lighting monitoring system, the buildings automated system/Heating, Cooling, Elevators/, public announcements information system, water and electrical supply, recording system, and the Buildings safety monitoring systems are all included.  
    Entrance monitoring system of ShenZhen Roanpu Technologies installed. On every floor information about entrance and exit is recorded and monitored.
    Japanese Panasonic brand WV-SF132, WV-ST165 surveillance camera system is installed on every floor securing safety. The cameras are accessible via internet from any spot of the building to see desired areas. This system allows you to monitor your office from anywhere around the world via wireless and wired internet network.
    The ICC Towers electrical systems are powered combined by diesel generator and from central energy station. In case of an interruption in the main stations supplies the substation will take over in the three seconds. The diesel generator is a British FGWilson brand Perkings motor product that can supply the same amount of electricity when the building has a loss of electricity from the main station. The diesel generator has the ability to reduce noise thus keeping the serenity of tower. The electrical generator is under the supervision of the Czech’s ComAp firm. The duty of this firm is to monitor the parameters, check its working capabilities and to control it from a distance. The OEZ firms controls the amount of work the generators give out and channel them to decrease the tensions. In case of a loss of power the OEZ firm changes the generators by turning on the sub station generator and turning of the main station generator. Electrical cable: Leader in Europe German Faber Kabel fire resistant electrical cables wired throughout ICC Tower. Faber Kabel electrical cables fire resistance half hour in 1000 Celsius. Also Polish Baks brand fire resistant cable holders used. Control Panel: Czech OEZ brand electrical control panel allow monitoring of installed automatics.
    Japanese Panasonic KX-TDA 620 internal communication system. Connecting enterprises employees to joint network will give employees in central office and employees located  in distance to communicate as if they are in one office giving opportunity to speed up transactions and payments. To transfer information at light speed the tower has an IP-PBX connections system installed on each floor allowing the tenants to choose to connect to any provider company. The system is advanced technology that allows cooperation with tools of advanced technologies such as SIP, IP phone, IP Softphone, ACD Report server. Advantages of internal communication station:
    • Free of charge between users
    • Restriction of outgoing calls
    • Automatic answering option
    • Control of bill
    • Call hold
    • Day and night management
    • Call conference
    • Voice message
    • No charge between departments
    Taiwanese Planet SGSW-24250R high security network equipment is installed on all floors. Chinese Sur-Link Technologys’ fiber optic cables wired between floors allowing transmitting various texts, audio and video information in reliable high speed.
    PA System is installed in all common area for voice address and music transmissions.
    Leading European heating equipment from Germany. German APV heat exchanger
    • +195 Celsius resistant
    • 30 bar pressure
    • Rust free
    • International quality certificate
    German ROTH plastic tube /press connected/
    • High temperature resistant
    • Installing, connection reliable
    • Long durability
    • International quality certificate
    Heating and clean water pump German GRUNDFOS, WILO, ZENHDER brand pumps.
    German SIMPLEX brand steel pipes are installed for clean water system. German HUCH brand water pressure containers.
    Environmentally friendly CARRIER brand equipment fueled by R410Afluid is automated cooling control system that allows users to adjust temperature to own requirements. Depending on the usage of the room there are 7-10 fan coils are installed on each floor. Energy capacity:
    • 5.4 Kwt fen coil 94W
    • 4.5 Kwt fen coil 75W
    • 3.6 Kwt fen coil 56W
    Ventilation system allows fresh clean air throughout the building satisfying international air consumption standard of the average person inhaling about 30 м³ of air an hour.  The ventilation system also remove nauseating gasses from the tower and the car parking areas. At the same time process helps exchange warm air as it brings out fresh air. During the winter it has its own air heating system allowing the tenants to be in an environment of comfort and peace. The ventilation is placed near the glass walls to avoid losing unnecessary amount of heat.  The air is changed three times per hour.  
    On all floors of ICC tower installed GLOBAL FIRE brand JUNO-NET fire alarm system. When smoke and heat detectors are activated the ventilation system will start to suck out the smoke avoiding smoke go into staircase and sprinklers start automatically. Fire exits In building zone 4, 5 CD and 6, 7 CD are located two fire exits. Fire resistant Shueco brand windows are installed in zone 6, 7 CD at the east side of the building as the fire exit is located. Fire exits are equipped with separated energy system so during emergency escape light will still be on. ГАЛЫН ХААЛГА Well know Chinese company “XYJCC” LLC  fire doors are installed in the building. The fire resistant doors are specific for the following features.
    1. One and half hour fire resistance
    2. Sound proof
    3. Heat proof glass
    4. Rust resistant door hinges
    5. Equipped with fire proof steel panels
    6. Fire resistant locks
    7. Electricity protected
    8. Padding is made of special fire resistant material pearl stone
    The smart system in the parking has following specials.
    1. Available parking space will be shown on the entrance screen
    2. Entrance screen will show if parking is full
    3. Will save the vehicles color, model, number
    4. Camera surveillance system
    5. All automatic
    Exhaust fume suction system The basement floors, allotted for parking spaces, are equipped with exhaust fume suction system fully in order for health.