Property Management Service
  • Cleaning Services

    Offering comfortable in-door environment and services for our tenants and customers is priority concern for the Property Management Team. To ensure top satisfactory among our customers we develop and follow our own specific standard along with international standards including the following services.
    – Daily and scheduled monthly thorough cleaning services in the offices
    – Keeping cleanness and tidiness in common spaces
    – Regular standard cleaning and readiness of hygienic goods in toilet rooms at each floor
    – Keeping clean façade
    – pest management services
    – cleaning of carpet and soft floor covers
    – Replacing and polishing of stone tiles and access floor tiles

    – Keeping lighting systems and ventilation systems clean
    – Care of room plants
    – Winter preparation services
    – Dry waste disposal service

  • Maintenance and Repair

    ICC Tower is secured with 24-hour operational automation system to keep its secure and safe condition and is watched by professional engineering technical team to respond in case of emergency.

    Technical team helps you with the followings.

    • Minor repair services
    • Provide daily normal operation of electricity, heating and engineering lines
    • Preventing of accidents and emergencies
    • Manage input supplies of engineering lines
    • Keeping of continues electrical supply through independent generator
    • Advise interior layout organization